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Meredith R - Oracle Card Reading

"I had the pleasure of having a long-distance card reading with Jac. Each card felt so personal it was like she already knew what I was wondering about. She is intuitive, wise, and supportive. I loved that she sent me a voice recording of the reading and photos of the beautiful cards.
My reading was personal and felt unique to my asking. 

Jac is a beautiful intuitive human being and I'm lucky to know her."

Laurie W - Coaching Client

"This is where I wanted to be!"
There aren't any better words to describe my Life Coach experience with Jac. I felt that Jac truly listened to my thoughts, ideas, wants, and needs. Jac has a gift for deeply insightful feedback, is honest, accountable, and patient; all extremely valuable attributes for a remarkable Life Coach! With her guidance, I was not only able to create and achieve personalized S.M.A.R.T. goals but also unlock sustainable skills to continue on a path of growth. Life-enhancing. Life-changing. I am filled with gratitude. 

Emily M - Coaching Client

Before working with Jillian I was feeling scattered, confused, and craving something to support me in deepening my emotional purpose and strategic action plan for living what I consider a full life. Jillian facilitated the space and feedback I needed to connect with myself leaving me feeling more grounded, confident in my voice, and rewarded for putting myself out there to take action on ideas I've been sitting on for years. She allowed me to show up to my sessions authentically. She identified when I might consider new ways of approaching my thoughts firmly and kindly (it's remarkable how she does this). Highly recommend working with Jillian. Thank you again!


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