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Before working with Jac, I was feeling lost within myself and where my life was at. I was struggling to find my path and needed help. I felt like I was wasting away and working towards a life that was ‘meh’ and it was causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. And then in comes the amazing Jac and after my very first session I felt like I already had my first step on the path I was meant to be on. She helped me re-discover what I am most passionate about, what lights me up. She helped me regain the confidence I was so missing and my adventurous spirit. She showed me that I could follow and achieve my dreams, yes it may be hard to get there but oh it is SO worth it. In other words, Jac is a super hero who helps people find whatever they are searching for or in need of in their life. She helps people see their potential and worth. She helped me in working towards becoming the best and happiest version of myself and I will forever be thankful and appreciative of all she has done and will continue to do for me for the rest of my life. 

Harli C. 

Every day I carry with me the changes I made and the courage I adopted with Jac walking beside me. 

Her coaching renewed my confidence and belief in myself. My inner voice is kinder and self loving again. Jac is a gem, she asks the right questions and is patient with the hesitancy at times to answer. I felt safe to be honest with the hard stuff.


Her coaching is honest and encouraging. I regained my confidence and much more. Thank you!

Robyn F.


Before working with Jillian I was feeling scattered, confused, and craving something to support me in deepening my emotional purpose and strategic action plan for living what I consider a full life. Jillian facilitated the space and feedback I needed to connect with myself leaving me feeling more grounded, confident in my voice, and rewarded for putting myself out there to take action on ideas I've been sitting on for years. She allowed me to show up to my sessions authentically. She identified when I might consider new ways of approaching my thoughts firmly and kindly (it's remarkable how she does this).


Highly recommend working with Jillian. Thank you again!

Emily M.

"This is where I wanted to be!"

There aren't any better words to describe my Life Coach experience with Jac. I felt that Jac truly listened to my thoughts, ideas, wants, and needs. Jac has a gift for deeply insightful feedback, is honest, accountable, and patient; all extremely valuable attributes for a remarkable Life Coach! With her guidance, I was not only able to create and achieve personalized S.M.A.R.T. goals but also unlock sustainable skills to continue on a path of growth. Life-enhancing. Life-changing. I am filled with gratitude. 

Laurie W.


Jac is the first life coach I had the pleasure to work with. I interviewed 3 life coaches before selecting Jac because finding a person whom I felt would be a great fit was important to me. Jac was the person whom I found to be the most transparent, fearless and motivating. I really wanted someone to help hold me accountable and provide positive feedback. This was actually one of the things I loved most about working with Jac -- she helped hold me accountable and pushed me to advocate for myself. For me, this was important. A specific example pertained to signing up for a race -- Jac reminded me my goals should not be centered around others (I was waiting on others) and we spent time at that instant signing up for a race. Apart from motivating, Jac is also a genuinely kind person. She creates a unique and safe space to be completely vulnerable. She also allows you to create/mould your life coach experience i.e. she allowed me to check in on Voxer as I needed. She also checked in with me every week to see how my action items were going. Jac is incredible and hilarious! I recommend without reservation and have been so grateful for the opportunity to grow with her as my life coach!

Savannah S. 

"Working with Jillian was powerful. Full stop. Big feelings were had, big "ah-has" were discovered and big roadblocks were navigated. Jillian's style of coaching was exactly what I needed, she's caring and compassionate whilst being able to call out self limiting and false beliefs. She fully saw me and met me where I was at and more importantly she guided me so I could do the same for myself. To see my potential, to envision my goals and to rebuild trust in myself. I can trust her with my experiences and know that her coaching guidance has the full holistic perspective of my goals or challenges taken into consideration. One of my biggest take aways from working with Jillian is recognizing and embracing my self worth and my ability to make an impact. Thank you Jillian, time spent working with you was precious and such a gift."

Jessica F. 

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