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Breaking The Mould

Developing a Happy and Sustainable Relationship with Healthy Habits in 4 weeks!

Let's create a supportive community to help explore and feel more confident in the world of "fitness" & "exercise".

It's time to throw out all the expectations of what healthy habits "should" look like and find out what works best for your body, mind and soul.  This course is not about losing weight and it is not a workout regime!  This course is for people who are ready to get serious and take responsibility for making health a priority by changing their mindset or story patterning that is holding them back.

There is a lot of information out in the world with regard to what a person should look like, an overwhelming amount of choices of fad diets, and what is considered exercise, but this course is designed to Break the Mould.  It's about listening to your own body and what it needs physically, mentally and emotionally.


I am not a personal trainer and I don't pretend to be, and honestly, I am not interested in being one.  I am a person who decided to take responsibility for making huge changes in my life and want to help others do the same.

I believe there are countless reasons why not to get healthy and feel good such as...

  • I don't have enough time

  • It's too expensive

  • I don't have supportive people in my life who want to help me grow

  • I have injuries, or I don't think my body can handle it

  • I need to get in shape first before going to the gym

  • I'm intimidated

  • I'm worried about what other people think

  • What if I fail

  • What's the point

  • I've tried before

  • It's a coping method

  • The list goes on...

Pardon my French, but it's all bullshit.

And you know it!  It is hard, uncomfortable, new, and somewhat terrifying yes!  But when was anything worthwhile easy?  I'm not going to lie, you may trip and fall but that's why community is such a big piece to this puzzle.

This is your path in this life and you need to stand up and help yourself because no one else can do it for you.

Friend, stop looking for a magic pill or quick fix.  I understand that your are scared and uncertain and so you are floundering + floating through life aimlessly, embarrassed to ask for help.  You think you don't like to exercise and you don't even know what your health goals are and so you are shoulding yourself into paralysis.

I see and hear from so many people who WANT to start exercising for one (or many) of the reasons WHY NOT is stopping them.  You only get ONE body.  It's a gift so start treating it like one.  The time is now to switch the mindset from WANT to NEED and MUST. 

Being a part of a supportive community and clear healthy mindset is crucial, without it we find ourselves repeating the past and never improving the future!

Breaking The Mould

Developing a Happy and Sustainable Relationship with Healthy Habits in 4 weeks!

The transformation you'll expect to see is a different mindset around health and fitness.  You will create a beautiful gateway to a world where you are in harmony with your body.  You will develop a deeper level of compassion & understanding for yourself.  You will learn to find a movement that speaks to you and that you enjoy.  

I wouldn't be surprised if you find deeper confidence in knowing yourself and your body.  Standing more in your power of owning your truths and throwing out the past stories. 


  • Knowing and owning your WHY is the most important part of this.  This is not about losing weight, it's about understanding why you want to make this commitment.  Also exploring around changing the internal chatter, from what you say while working out to what you say when you don't (eg. I don't have time = I didn't make it a priority).

Module 2: Knowing Yourself - Working out what Works for YOU!

  • Every BODY is different, really figuring out what works best for YOU takes time.  Trial and error, around timing, different movement options, do you need routine or switch it up.  Is accountability a thing that works for you? What does that look like?  Eventually the goal is to find a movement that you enjoy AND makes you feel good!

Module 3: Acknowledging Resistance

  • Ignoring the resistance only sets you up for failure, so meeting the resistance head-on takes away the power and gives it back to you.

Module 4: Celebration

  • Discover why it's important to CELEBRATE all the wins, big and small and actually do it.

Module 1: Finding your Why & Importance of Changing the Narrative


By the end of our time together, you will receive:

  • A community of like-minded souls who will show up with all their vulnerability and strength to support you unconditionally

  • Freedom of pressure of what "exercise" looks like

  • An overall sense of well-being

  • More confidence

  • Mental clarity

  • An overall improvement of life experiences


The Experience

  • Private Facebook group

  • Weekly Zoom calls

  • New approach and mindset to healthy habits

  • Weekly challenges

  • Support of your community



What day and time are the Zoom calls being held?

Saturdays at 3pm PST.

Do I need to attend Zoom calls live?

No, you will have access to the Zoom recording on the Facebook Page.  I highly recommend attending live so you can interact with the group and ask any questions, express any concerns or share any struggles.  Being a part of a community is a big part of achieving what you want. 

I hate "exercise", is this course right for me?

Your are in the exact right spot.  This course is not about exercising. 

It's about getting in touch with what you want out of life and being true to yourself and helping you find a way to create healthy habits with things that you enjoy.


Hey, I'm Jac

I am a confidence coach focused on helping people ditch their negative mindsets and unhealthy lifestyles so that they can live a beautiful life in the body they love.

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