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Let's work together!

Is this it? Is this what I’m doing with my life? 

I've asked myself this question and found a path to more. Let's do the same for you. This is a starting point. There’s a journey for you to find your purpose. You’re not stuck. Your dreams are not behind you. This is your time to refocus and reconnect to you. 

I’ve worked with clients who have struggled with confidence. I’ve worked with clients who crave clarity and purpose, but needed guidance and the tough questions to be asked. I’ve had clients find safety and purpose in using their body in new physical ways.


Every journey to more, to a life of vibrancy and fulfillment, is unique, yet every path does require a starting point - a decision from you to seek change. In helping you on this path, there are a couple of key pieces to my tough-love coach approach:

Movement: A focus on your health and reconnecting to the relationship with your body. Working to embrace movement and your body. How can you find ways to move and how do these work for you? 


Nature: A focus on balance and grounding work. Embracing the outdoors as a safe place to feel and heal. What do you feel? How do you feel?


Mindfulness: Working to embrace confidence in the now. Looking at your reality in full. What does confidence look like to you? What does fulfillment feel like to you? 


 One on One Coaching

Whether you feel like you’re treading water in sameness every day or you’re consumed with the fear of the unknown or you’re somewhere beyond both, coaching can give you a safe place to start these difficult conversations with yourself.


I help those who are unhappy with their careers and feeling disconnected from their bodies build a healthier relationship with themselves and their future direction in life.

There is freedom in taking time for yourself and taking control. Any journey to achievement requires a team, even when they’re behind the scenes. I’m here to be your coach and watch you shine. 


Are you ready to start?


3-Month Coaching Plan


  • One 30-minute Coaching Consult Call

  • Six 1-Hour Bi-Weekly Sessions via Zoom

  • Voxer & Email Support

6-Month Coaching Plan


  • One 30-minute Coaching Consult Call

  • Twelve 1-Hour Bi-Weekly Sessions via Zoom

  • Text & Email Support

One Time Coaching Consult


  • One 90-minute Coaching Call

  • Consultations are a great option if you are looking for targeted feedback and support on a specific question, decision, or area of your life, career, or business

  • Email support provided for up to7-days following our session


Jac has a gift for deeply insightful feedback, is honest, accountable and patient; all extremely valuable attributes for a remarkable Life Coach.

Life-enhancing.  Life-changing.  I am filled with gratitude."

Laurie W. - Coaching Client

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