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I'm Jac

 Welcome! My name is Jillian, but you can call me Jac.  I am a Health and Confidence Coach based out of Victoria, British Columbia. 


I help those who are disconnected with their bodies and unhappy with their careers to build a healthier relationship with themselves and their future direction in life.

My approach uses movement, nature, and mindfulness for reconnection and focus.

I'm known for my tough-love approach to relationships while always offering understanding and compassion. 

I can’t wait to see you shine. 

Big Love, 


My Path 

My journey here, to this place of coaching and tough love, started with my own journey of self-discovery.

Several years ago, I was living an unfulfilling life due to unresolved childhood trauma. I had learned to survive with instinctual tactics and coping mechanisms that served me at one point in my life, but for too long they held me back in adulthood.

I was numb to my successful corporate career and spiraling with dissatisfaction. I couldn’t shake the strong desire to live more fully in purpose - in my purpose. It was time to take control of my own healing.

This journey to finding and embracing my sparkle continues to be my guiding light to helping others find their vibrancy. 

When I'm not outside walking my dogs in the beautiful forests of British Columbia, you can find me at the lake, at a group workout class, drinking coffee with friends, or browsing the aisles of WholeFoods.


Jac Brown  © 2020  |  Health & Confidence Coach  |  Victoria, BC

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