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Let’s get into it. I mean it. The real stuff, you know, those things you've been putting off, those things you’ve been dreaming out. Let’s talk about that stuff. How can you move forward? How can you shed the past that’s holding you down? How can you move towards your purpose and dreams? Let’s get into that stuff. 

There are 3 and 6-month sessions available. Sessions are booked every 2 weeks. One on one coaching offered online. Email and text support provided as you work towards creating your beautiful, vibrant life. 


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Speaking Engagements & Press

I’m available for speaking engagements and press interviews with a focus on the benefits of movement for your mental health, my journey to healing from childhood trauma, and the benefits of life coaching for everyone.

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So many beautiful places to see and experience. These retreats aim to give you more than a moment in paradise, we’re aiming to change your journey. Find a moment to pause in the getaway and take a hard look at your reality while being surrounded by a supportive team. 


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Coaching Client ~

"Before working with Jillian I was feeling scattered, confused, and craving something to support me in deepening my emotional purpose and strategic action plan for living what I consider a full life. Jillian facilitated the space and feedback I needed to connect with myself leaving me feeling more grounded, confident in my voice, and rewarded for putting myself out there to take action on ideas I've been sitting on for years. She allowed me to show up to my sessions authentically. She identified when I might consider new ways of approaching my thoughts firmly and kindly (it's remarkable how she does this).


Highly recommend working with Jillian. Thank you again!"

Emily Muertz

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If you are feeling courageous and want to connect about taking the next step in creating a vibrant fulfilling life please fill in the form below and I'll be in touch.

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